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"I can gain such wonderful insights from the researchers here!"

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Participant, Lives with Psoriasis

"This is an amazing app! Very user friendly. It feels like this app was created to actually help people!"

Amazing App!

Participant Lives with Psoriasis

"Honeybee has helped me to know I'm not alone and research is ongoing."

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For the first time, participants feel empowered to find, join and take charge of their health through clinical trial participation. Researchers can find engaged & diverse participants fast enough and onboard them with little hassle for both sides.


Building a trusted & friendly research community, with love

Advancements in healthcare would not be possible without participants. Honeybee gives people better access to actively recruiting health studies and a means to participate in them.

Vetted Research Teams

Our team vets every clinical research team and each health study that lists a trial on our platform to ensure your health, safety & satisfaction with your trial experience.

Accessibility & Transparency

Giving diverse, equal and inclusive access to clinical trials is our priority. We are helping to facilitate even greater transparency and culture in clinical trials.

Participant Recruitment & Onboarding for Clinical Trials

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